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Drawing for adults at  The Green Shed N10
"The Basics of Drawing"
2024 sessions starting in February!

This is an invitation to explore creativity and develop artistic skills through drawing (and a bit of watercolours). Drawing and painting are activities with lots of benefits and I want to share that with everybody in an enjoyable creative space.

The sessions are designed to cover the very basics of traditional figurative drawing, but also to explore the possibilities of materials and techniques. We’ll start with classic exercises to learn about observation and representation, and then expand our practice towards individual interests.

This space welcomes all levels, whether you're starting from zero or you want to further develop your skills, or if you need to boost your creativity and get new ideas.

About the sessions:  small groups of up to 7 people to offer individualised feedback and learning in a relaxed setting.

Some of the topics: observation, seeing skills, types of lines, form in space, the two-dimensional image, negative space, composition, light and shadow, modelling surface as a mass, chiaroscuro/grisaille, painterly drawing and more.

Where: The Green Shed N10 - A wonderful peaceful space surrounded by green in Muswell Hill, welcoming small groups to enjoy a couple of hours creating while having a nice cup of tea or a lovely glass of wine and cake, lots of cake.

When: Monday or Wednesday evenings from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Finish your day with some rewarding time for yourself. 

Starting dates in 2024:

Winter Sessions: Feb-March

Spring Sessions: May-June

Autumn Sessions: September-October

Value:  May-June sessions:

             8 sessions for £140 ~special discount~

             4 sessions for £80 +1 carry-over*

             3 sessions for £70 to use within the month

This includes basic materials and refreshments.

To register please send an email to,

or fill in the contact form on this site, here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lauri x

*when buying 4 sessions, you can carry over 1 session in case of absence with previous notice of 48hs before the session.

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